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Instrument Instruction Manuals

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  All manuals are in Adobe PDF format - If you need the reader there is a link at the bottom.
  General Instruments By Tool Description
  Long Range Dial Calipers   Electronic Caliper (54-100-000-1 Series)
  Standard Dial Caliper Series   Electronic Caliper (Value-Cal Series)
  ShockProof Dial Calipers   Long Range Electronic Calipers
  Vernier Calipers (Inch)   Electronic Caliper (54-100-777 Series)
  Dial Depth Gage (0-22")   Electronic Caliper (54-100-150 Series)
  Dual Column Dial Height Gage   Electronic Depth Gage (54-125 Series)
  Digital Micrometers (224 Inch Series)   Twin Beam Electronic Height Gage
  Digital Micrometers (224 Metric Series   Z-Height Electronic Height Gage
  Vernier Depth Micrometers   Electronic Depth Micrometer (54-225 Series)
  Digital Disc Brake Micrometers(inch)   PocketSurf Electronic Roughness Tester
  Digital Disc Brake Micrometers(metric)   Universal Electronic Protractor
  Vernier Outside Micrometers (inch)   Indi-X Electronic Indicator (54-520-025-1)
  Vernier Inside Micrometers (with extensions)   Snap-Cal Electronic Snap Gage
  Vernier Bevel Angle Protractor   X-Test Electronic Test Indicator
  Multi-Blade Deburring Kits   Electronic Dial Bore Gage (54-646 Series)
  Internal Gauge Kit (52-547-000)   Electronic Micrometers (54-850 & 860 Series)
  Standard Dial Test Indicator   Electronic Micrometers (54-815 Series)
  Long Point Dial Test Indicator   EZ-Read Micrometer Instructions
  Dial Bore Gage (646 Series - Inch)   EZ-Read Thread Mic Instructions
  Dial Bore Gage (646 Series - Metric)   Opto-232 Software Instructions
  CoAxial Machine Setup Indicator    
  Dial Bevel Angle Protractor    
  Sylvac Instruments
  Analog Mini Resist Indicator   Column Gage (54-660 Series)
  D-100S Amplifier   D-80 & D-90 Amplifier
  E-25 Probing System   Horizontal Stand (54-608 Series)
  Ultra-Digit Mk. IV   Ultra-Digit Mk. V Indicator
  M3 Indicator Calibrator   MicroCal Caliper
  Mini Resistant Indicator   Opto-232 Interface Cable
  Opto-232 Interface w/ Power   Sylvac Height Gage (54-212 Series)
  Ultra Light Caliper III   Ultra-Cal IV Caliper
  Ultra Test Lever Indicator   Z-Cal 150/300 Height Gage
  Digital Protractor    
  Wyler Instruments
  Wyler Application Sheets   BlueSYSTEM Quick Reference
  BlueSYSTEM Manual   ClinoTronic Plus+ Level
  Dynam Manual   LevelSoft Pro Manual
  LevelMeter 2000 Manual   LevelMeter Light Manual
  Clino-2000 Manual   Mini T/C With Radio
  MachineTool Software   NivelTronic Instructions
  LevelTronic (Classic & NT)   LevelTronic NT Wireless
  Remote Display Manual   ZeroTronic Specifications
  ZeroTronic Instructions   ZeroMatic Reversing (1 Sensor)
  ZeroMatic Reversing (2 Sensors)   Phillips Closure Error Paper
  Bowers Instruments
  CheckMatic Bench Gage   Cylinder Bore Gage
  Bowers Snap Mic   Analog XT Micrometer
  Electronic XT Micrometer   Electronic XT Pistol Grip
  XT Extreme Pistol   XT Extreme Micrometer
  Trimos Instruments
  Mestra Height Gage   Z-Cal 350/600 Height Gage
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