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Electronic Caliper & Micrometer Measuring Set 54-004-850

Fine Adjust Mag Base Set with Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicator S

Fine Adjust Mag Base with AGD White Face Indicator Set 52-585-12

Fine Adjustment Magnetic Base and AGD Indicator 52-585-110

Flex Arm Base & White Face Dial Indicator Combo 52-641-300

Flex Chrome Kit 52-520-451

Four Piece Measuring Set 52-095-025

Inch/Metric Reading Measuring Set 52-030-530

Indicator, Mag Base, Dial Caliper & Mic Set Combo 52-229-780

Long Range Indicator Test Set 52-520-707

Magnetic Base & Black Face Indicator With Fine Adjust 52-520-199

Magnetic Base & Dial Indicator Set 52-522-101

Magnetic Base & White Face Indicator Without Fine Adjust 52-585-

Mechanics Measuring Set 52-229-711

Shockproof Measuring Set 52-004-239

Sylvac Electronic Measuring Set 54-815-333

Toolmakers Universal Measuring Set 52-095-007

Water Resistant Electronic Measuring Set 54-004-854

X-Proof IP54 Electronic Measuring Set 54-004-875

X-Proof Water Resistant Electronic Measuring Set 54-004-877

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Results 21 - 40 of 47